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Monster Magnet
30 January 2015, Peristilio - Peace & Friendship Stadium, Athens
31 January 2015, Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki,

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Stereo MC'S
29 ═ovember 2014, Gagarin 205

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Active Member
12 December 2014, Principal Club Theater - Thes/niki

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Vodka Juniors
20 December 2014, Stage Volume 1

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At The Gates
09 January 2015, Fuzz Live Music Club, Athens
10 January 2015, Principal Club Theater, Thessaloniki,

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30 January 2015, FUZZ LIVE MUSIC CLUB

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07 February 2015, Gagarin 205

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Blind Guardian
09 & 10 ╠ß▀´§ 2015, Gagarin 205

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